Hi everyone!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

My name’s Anne-Marie, and if you hadn’t guessed already, I love books. Reading is something that has given me great comfort throughout my life. Generally, I will read anything that catches my eye in a book shop or a library, or something that I’ve seen a great Instagram post or Tweet about. I don’t read that much sci-fi or fantasy, just because I often find there is such a big cast of characters and such complex world-building going on that I can’t keep track.

I love gothic stories – Daphne du Maurier and Sarah Perry are two of my favourite writers – and am partial to some historical fiction too. I’ve recently begun to love crime & thriller novels, especially those that really experiment with the genre: The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder springs to mind. Contemporary literary fiction is also a genre I’m drawn to.


I was a natural introvert as a child, and reading gave me this escape to imagine other lives and worlds. I would spend hours at a time with my head in a book; I’d take them on holiday or to parties and basically ignore everyone around me. I treasure all the books from those years – Winnie-the-Pooh, Enid Blyton’s and Beatrix Potter’s entire collections, A Series of Unfortunate Events and, of course, Harry Potter.

When I read To Kill A Mockingbird for my GCSE English Literature course, my eyes were opened to new aspects of reading. It was the first time I understood the different techniques that author’s use to present their work, and the real contexts they might work with. Essentially, it showed me what it meant to be an ‘active’ or critical reader; a reader who will looked for the added layers to the narrative beyond the surface plot. I loved it (yes, I loved preparing for an exam), and it motivated me to continue my literature studies further to A-Levels, and then to University.

I started to blog about books because I really missed being able to talk and write about books I was reading once I left university.I started with reviewing books I already had, then I made the move to contacting publishers and attending book events. Twitter has been such a fantastic place to talk to other bloggers, as well as publishers and authors, and I love getting involved in all the discussions.

I also set up a linked Instagram account, because I love taking pictures as much as I love reading books. Now, they’re not going to win any competitions, but I do love trying to experiment with camera angles and various props. You can find links to both of my linked accounts in the menus above!

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog!

Anne-Marie x

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