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Reading Hardbacks

Do you read hardback books or do you prefer other formats?

I recently sorted through all my books to see which I’d already read, which I’d like to keep (read or not), and which I’d like to donate or sell. One thing that particuarly struck me was how many unread hardbacks I had accumulated.

It made me wonder why I hadn’t read them, especially as they were all ones I had been excited by (and still am).

I think the size of hardbacks, especially when they’re longer books has an impact on how often I’ll read them. The bulk and weight of them can make them difficult to travel around with, and as someone who has a rush-hour commute, they’re not as conducive to reading on an extremely busy train as other formats (though I have tried). This means that I would want to wait until the weekend to start reading a hardback, but if I’m still halfway through another book, that may not happen. So the hardbacks continue to sit there unread.

Another aspect of it may sound unusual, but I’m often more anxious about damaging a hardback book in some way than I am a paperback. The level of detail that goes into book covers really does make them feel like works of art, so though I am eager enough to buy the books, I then hesitate when I start to read them. And then I miss out on the stories contained within the pages, which is the main reason for buying or borrowing a book at all.

I’m determined to read more of the hardbacks that I own this year. I may not read all of them, but I’m going to make more effort to use time where I’m at home, for instance, or longer commutes where I can sit down, to dedicate time to reading them.

Here’s a picture of some that I’m hoping to read in 2020.

Spot any that you’ve read or want to read?

What are your thoughts on hardback books? What was the last hardback you bought or read? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

AM x

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