Top Ten Tuesday – 9th April 2019

I’m taking part in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl again. This is such a fun way to take a look at my reading habits and preferences!

This week’s topic is:
Outrageous/Crazy/Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done for the Love of Books


  1. Refused to buy a book I wanted to read until I found the right edition. You all know I love Daphne du Maurier, right? (I only mention it every other post) Well, I love the Virago modern classic editions, and I am determined to find a copy of each of du Maurier’s books in this edition. Much as I love that they’re redesigning and re-releasing her work for new audiences, I just want my du Maurier collection to be uniform. So I basically search the shelves of every bookshop I find for them.
  2. Wrap books in carrier bags before putting them in my proper bag – this is only for certain books (pretty covers, favourite authors, and the like) but it’s a necessary step for preserving books from damage. Water bottle leaks, sudden bad weather, or creases and knocks from being in my bag – all can be protected against with the humble carrier bag. And as I have about 50 of them just lying around, I may as well put them to use.
  3. Bumped into someone/tripped over because I’m so engrossed in reading a book when walking somewhere. Thankfully, this hasn’t happened a lot.
  4. Stayed up far later than I should on many work nights to finish reading a book (does anyone else have a personal ‘limit’ of pages, where it feels impossible not to read to the end? Mine is 30 pages from the end of a book – I honestly have to force myself to stop reading if it’s too late)
  5. Bought someone a book as a gift, read the blurb, read the book, then had to re-buy the book again so the original recipient gets a brand new copy.
  6. This one may not seem as unusual to you all, being part of the wonderful book-loving community, but if my suitcase is over the weight limit, I have definitely taken out some clothes instead of the extra book that I may (but probably won’t) have time to read on holiday. I mean there’s barely much worse that finishing a book and realising you can’t start another one immediately!
  7. Not that that is likely to happen, as in addition to the paperbacks I bring, I make sure I have at least 2 e-books and 2 audiobooks as well. You can never have enough books to read.
  8. Messaged everyone in my contacts list to see if I had leant them Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because it was missing off my shelf. I hadn’t re-read them for a while, and so hadn’t really paid much attention to them – where else would they be as I’m unlikely to just leave them lying around the house. So imagine my surprise when I scanned my bookshelf and noticed there was a space in my Harry Potter collection. None of my family would be interested, and they’d know to tell me if they were borrowing it, surely. In my panic, I just sent a general message to everyone saying something along the lines of “Please tell me I lent you this book”. Then I hear laughing from my sister’s room. I walk in…and there she is, reading the book. She’d started reading the series ebooks, but wanted a break from her phone screen so had taken the book while I was asleep. Needless to say, she knows to ask me first now before taking a Harry Potter book from my shelf.
  9. Taken 20 photos of a book showing different angles a) for bookstagram and b) to preserve its image pre-reading (in case I accidentally crease the cover/pages)
  10. Brought a book to a family wedding. It was a really good book and I knew there would be at least an hour between leaving the ceremony and starting the reception that I could fill with reading. Who needs to talk with friends and family anyway?

What kind of outrageous things has your love of books lead you to do?

Thanks for reading!!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 9th April 2019”

  1. Hands down my favorite answer is how you texted everyone in your contacts asking them if you lent them your Harry Potter book only to find out your sister had it. That ones good!

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