Words of the Week #5

Evening everybody! How are we all?

Today’s installment of ‘Words of the Week’ are from my current ‘listen’, The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher. It’s a full quote that has been stood out to me this week:

“[Writing] seemed to calm me, getting anything that might be chaotic behind the eyes onto the page in front of me where it could do me less harm.

I’ve found writing and journalling so therapeutic during the last few years and hearing these words from The Princess Diarist was like understanding the reason for that clearly for the first time. Thoughts can swirl around so quickly and relentlessly that it can become overwhelming, so turning those thoughts into words on a page – taking them outside of my head, forming them into ordered words/sentences, and then re-assessing them in from that distance – can clear the fog in some ways.

This can be applied to anything from writing a daily ‘To Do List’ to noting down my thoughts after a stressful or emotional day. I always feel that sense of calm after writing something down: a small act that can make a big difference.

Do you find that writing helps in similar situations? Or do you have another technique to help you stay calm and focused?

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