Reading Habits

Afternoon readers!

While I catch up with some reviews, I thought I’d share a snippet of the Instagram READING HABITS BOOK TAG that @han_bookshelf tagged me in last week (originated by Kirsty at The Bibliophile Girl).


So, here goes:

  • Bookmark or random piece of paper? Neither – I just remember my place each time. However, I do buy bookmarks if they are especially pretty (or Harry Potter related). I’m just weird like that.
  • Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages? I always prefer getting to the end of a chapter because it feels like a proper ‘pause’ rather than stopping ‘mid-action’. If chapters are really long or I suddenly have to stop reading, i try to get to a page that ends with a full stop.
  • Do you eat or drink anything whilst reading? If it’s a book I’m really precious over (Harry Potter, or a brand new hardback), I avoid reading near food or drink. But generally, a cup of tea and double chocolate digestives are the perfect reading refreshments.


  • One book at a time or several?
    I can juggle a few books at once if they’re in different formats (1 physical, 1 audiobook, 1 ebook) – I think because I read/listen in different places (home/work/commute)
  • Reading at home or everywhere? Home will always be the preference – the living room with the fire on.
  • Do you read ahead or skip pages? Never! It would ruin it for me!
  • Breaking the spine or keeping it like new? Where possible, I keep my books in pristine condition. But I do accept it’s not always possible.

To see all my answers, head over to my Instagram page!

Any recognisable reading habits here? Or are you completely different?



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