Book Cover Appreciation

Greetings, fellow book lovers!

This copy of The Lovely Bones has been sitting unread on my bookshelf for so long, I’d forgotten what a beautiful cover it has.┬áNow my bookseller’s mind wants to have it ‘face out’ on the shelf so I can admire it all the time.

Did you know that, when we’re browsing in a shop, it (generally) takes us 0.3 seconds to judge a book’s cover and decide whether to pick it up? This was explained to us at a course I attended last week, and I thought it was fascinating, both as a keen reader and a former bookseller!

It made me look at the books I own and consider which covers really stand out to me.



Circe, By Madeline Miller (Bloomsbury Publishing)

I mean, look at it. That stunning bronze cover, the intricate design, and bold title just grab the attention instantly. I think this really gets across the power of the characters Miller is working with in this re-telling of Circe’s story.



The Forgotten Guide to Happiness, by Sophie Jenkins (Avon, HarperCollins)

Ok, so I didn’t buy this one in a shop. It was sent to me by the lovely Digital Marketing Manager there, but I know that the bold colours and that hand-lettered font on the title would have drawn my eye. It gets across the heart-warming, poignant tone of the novel.






Bookworm, A Memoir of Childhood Reading, by Lucy Mangan (Square Peg, Penguin Random House)

There’s something simultaneously soft and bold about this cover. The silhouetted figure seems comforting and welcoming, while the white background and foil on the tree are striking counterpoints. Needless to say, it took less than 0.3 seconds for me to decide to buy this book.





The House, by Simon Lelic (Penguin Random House)

This gripping thriller has an intriguing cover to match the story inside. That image of a lit staircase against a startling black background is so eerie. Matched with the bold title lettering, this cover is fantastic. I read it last year, and when I worked as a bookseller, this always stood out on the tables.



This is such a small selection of book covers that have caught my attention recently. I’m a reader who really responds to strong visuals so an attractive cover always makes a difference when I’m browsing for my next read. The effort that goes into designing these books is phenomenal and I think it adds a lot to the experience of being in a bookshop as well as buying/reading/owning a book.

Thanks so much for reading! Now it’s your turn: tell me, what are your favourite book covers?

3 thoughts on “Book Cover Appreciation”

  1. I’ve actually never seen that cover of The Lovely Bones – it is beautiful!! As a reader, I’m definitely more drawn to an eye catching cover, especially if shopping in a bookshop or at the library.

    1. I know – I have no idea where I bought it but I’m glad I did now!
      I’m exactly the same – and as there are so many beautiful covers being designed at the moment, my bank balance is suffering haha!

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