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2017: Reading Again

Wow. Have not updated this for a long time. With various family issues, breaks away, and a university degree to complete, I’ve only read two, ‘not-university’ books in the last 8 months. It’s been awful not being able to read, especially because every time I go into a book shop, I seem to leave with a couple of books. Those have since accumulated into an ever-growing pile on my bedroom floor, admonishing me for not reading them.

However, now that all of my assignments are submitted (only need to wait for the grades and for graduation now!), I can FINALLY start making my way through them. And I can dedicate proper time to reviewing at last. I am so excited!

My dissertation focused on Daphne du Maurier’s mid-century novels and her portrayal of masculinity, so I’ve been ‘existing’ in the past and with male psyches for far too long. Even though I adore du Maurier’s novels, I was desperate for a change.

Du Maurier Dissertation: The bottom three books have occupied my life for months.

I decided to pick up Kate Atkinson’s ‘A God In Ruins’ first. I adored Life After Life (one of the two books mentioned above, and sadly I have not had time to review this…yet), and I’ve been impatiently waiting to read the sequel since my good friend sent it to me in September. I began reading it Wednesday morning (25th January) and am already 300 pages in. It’s a seriously good novel! Atkinson’s use of wry humour is just spot-on. She infuses it into every character, subtly marking all the wonderful, funny parts of life that we often miss when we are ‘in the moment’. I’m also loving how she creates a sense of ‘continuation’: the family evolves, branches out and adapts as time goes on, but various characteristics pass down through the generations, and all the characters are connected by ‘Teddy’, the central ‘thread’ of the novel, if you like. Full review will follow, I promise.

Current Read: Loving this book so far

I have also invested in Audible (Amazon) – I thought it would be good to have something to keep me occupied on walks and car journeys other than music. I have tended to avoid e-readers and audio-books but Audible have a great 30-day free trial so I downloaded  ‘Swing Time’, by Zadie Smith, with my free book credit. Smith is a fantastic author: she creates such rich, complex, entertaining stories. I’m a few chapters into Swing Time, and it’s good so far. It’s just difficult to get used to listening rather than reading: I keep having to go back 30 seconds because I’ve been distracted.

Thanks for being patient. Reviews will be more regular now I have free time.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Are you all going to get some time to read?



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